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Quillaic acid

Short Description:

CAS No: 631-01-6
Catalog No: JOT-11462
Chemical Formula: C30H46O5
Molecular Weight: 486.693486.68
Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%

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Product name: Quillaic acid
Purity: 98% + by HPLC
Analysis Method:  
Identification Method:  
Appearance: White powder
Chemical Family: Triterpenoids
Canonical SMILES: CC1(C)CC[C@@]2([C@@H](C1)C1=CC[C@@H]3[C@](C)(CCC4[C@@](C)(C=O)[C@H](O)CC[C@@]34C)[C@@]1(C)C[C@@H]2O)C(O)=O
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