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Cistanche Extract

Cistanche Extract

The Cistanche species (“Rou Cong Rong” in Chinese) is an endangered wild species growing in arid or semi-arid areas. The dried fleshy stem of Cistanches has been used as a tonic in China for many years. Modern pharmacological studies have since demonstrated that Herba Cistanches possesses broad medicinal functions, especially for use in anti-senescence, anti-oxidation, neuroprotection, anti-inflammation, hepatoprotection, immunomodulation, anti-neoplastic, anti-osteoporosis and the promotion of bone formation.

  • Tubuloside B

    CAS No: 112516-04-8
    Catalog No: JOT-11847
    Chemical Formula: C31H38O16
    Molecular Weight: 666.624
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • Osmanthuside B

    CAS No:
    Catalog No: JOT-11845
    Chemical Formula:
    Molecular Weight:
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • Tubuloside A

    CAS No: 112516-05-9
    Catalog No: JOT-11627
    Chemical Formula: C32H48O5
    Molecular Weight: 828.77
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • 2′-Acetylacteoside

    CAS No: 94492-24-7
    Catalog No: JOT-11470
    Chemical Formula: C31H38O16
    Molecular Weight: 666.629
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • Cistanoside A

    CAS No: 93236-42-1
    Catalog No: JOT-11356
    Chemical Formula: C36H48O20
    Molecular Weight: 800.75
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • Isoacteoside

    CAS No: 61303-13-7
    Catalog No: JOT-10575
    Chemical Formula: C29H36O15
    Molecular Weight: 624.594
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • calycosin-7-O-beta-D-glucoside

    CAS No: 20633-67-4
    Catalog No: JOT-10390
    Chemical Formula: C22H22O10C22H22O10
    Molecular Weight: 446.408
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%
  • Echinacoside

    CAS No: 82854-37-3
    Catalog No: JOT-10172
    Chemical Formula: C35H46O20
    Molecular Weight: 786.733
    Purity(by HPLC): 95%~99%