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Traveling to Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture west of Sichuan Province


The president supplys weekend traveling to Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture west of Sichuan Province.

To thanks the employees for their unremitting efforts for the development of the company

To increase the cohesion of the team

To enrich the collective life, relax body and mind


Tug of war

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Tibetan Hot pot



Roast whole lamb




Roast meet



 In aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Region, there are more than 1500 species of rare wild plants such as davidia involucrata, Yew, Cypress minjiang and Spruce, including 1200 species of medicinal plants, 70 species of aromatic oil plants, 37 species of starch plants, 80 species of oil plants, 79 species of fiber plants and 68 species of tannin plants.  Fritillaria, Cordyceps, Yew, Astragalus, rhodiola, Codonopsis, Qiang, Gentiana, rhubarb and other large medicinal materials are rich in resources, known as “natural medicine library”. 



Post time: Jun-25-2021