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API Expo was successfully closed, held in Qingdao, Shandong Province

Chengdu Gelipu have come back from the API, thanks for the organizer of API China exhibition for providing a platform for Chinese and even global pharmaceutical industry, communicate, trade, learn and cooperate!


As one of the exhibitors, Chengdu Gelipu can deeply feel that this exhibition has been endowed with extraordinary significance, which provides abundant information and business opportunities for Chengdu Gelipu  to expand new business and develop new markets.


Chengdu Gelipu’s booth attracted many customers to stop to negotiate, and was highly recognized by many professional exhibition customers.  Chengdu Gelipu with a positive professional service attitude, warmly welcome customers, detailed introduction of the company’s advantages of products, with domestic and foreign customers to discuss the market situation, understand customer needs, explore the development of cooperation space, promote mutual benefit.


It is also hoped that this exhibition can help enterprises go out better, make their brand louder and make their future more wonderful!


Post time: Apr-23-2023